TETRA Pager (TME) constructed to serve Fire Departments, Emergency Medical Services, Police, Federal Agencies for technical relief, Standby-Services, Civil protection and other industrial services around Europe.

Oelmann VIPER TME is designed to work in the TETRA digital radio network and offers a highly reliable and secure way to alert emergency services.

Extremely fast alert transmission and active feedback of available personnel lead to an effective ressource planning enabling units to the fastest first response.

The TETRA standards offer fast and reliable data transmission, feedback options and encryption. Often, other systems can only achieve this with higher costs and an individual solution (not being compatible with other systems).
Loud alerting, high-quality clear voice instructions and MP3-Signal tones can be used for various operational scenarios.

ATEX version is also available:
EC-type-examination: ZELM 12 ATEX 0499 X

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Large LED-displays - future-proof ready for TETRA digital radio.

Colorful ideas

Colorful ideas

A colorful idea - LX2 Synthesizer available in different colors