Digital call- and signal tone transmitter and interpreter DGA538


Main features

  • 3..10-sound sequence emitter/interpreter ZVEI I u. II, CCIR, EEA
  • Digital emitter/interpreter ZVEI, FMS, VDEW
  • Dongle-small housing with 25-pol.D-Sub-connector for PC and 25-pol.D-Sub-connector for radio unit
  • incl. connector 25pol./9pol.
  • 6..15V-power supply
  • 1 optocoupler-switching output for sender or else
  • Controllable by PC/Laptop via specific data sets
  • Standard DOS-User interface (Windows optional)



  • Connector box for DGA 538


Technical options

  • 538.0100: Emitter/interprete with server-software
  • 538.0200: Windows client-software
  • 538.10: Emitter/interpreter with customized software





Large LED-displays - future-proof ready for TETRA digital radio.

Colorful ideas

Colorful ideas

A colorful idea - LX2 Synthesizer available in different colors