Dispatch Center device GA 596












Main features

  • Generates and evaluates analog and digital radio transmissions
  • 1 - 13 channels (Halfduplex- or duplex)
  • Highly reliable transmission evaluation and low-noise transmission using digital signal processing
  • V.24-interface
  • Impuls-relay for controlling radio units
  • Symmetric signal-input and -output (potential insulation by transmitter) on analog alerts
  • Interface for additional user-terminals and seperated displays
  • 19"-rack
  • Power supply via 12V DC


Analog and digital radio

  • 5-Ton (incl. Pilot-signal and sirene-signal)
  • Standard FMS-Transmission
  • FMS Follow-Up transmission
  • FMS-Shorttext-transmission
  • POCSAG-Sender
  • POCSAG-Receiver


Features and Accessories

  • Fully compatible to major manufactures of control center units (e.g. CKS, ISE, SYSTOR, GUD, NOVOTEC, STN ALTAS)
  • Also adjustable to other control center systems
  • Time-synchronization
  • Emergency alert transmitter (Fallback in case of breakdown of the main control center unit)
  • Display for operater table showing the latest received transmissions
  • Customizable adaption of protocols
  • Journal printer for documentation purposes




Large LED-displays - future-proof ready for TETRA digital radio.

Colorful ideas

Colorful ideas

A colorful idea - LX2 Synthesizer available in different colors